Repairing Broken Relationships


At one point, you may have experienced losing connections you thought would last forever. Perhaps you have severed ties with close family members or friends. Losing relationships may be inevitable in life, but broken links are still mendable. With the right attitude and timing, a bond, no matter how shattered, can begin anew.

Kinds Of Broken Relationships

Since there is no single kind of relationship, then there is no one kind of broken relationships. People experience drifting apart, amicable separation, small misunderstandings, or broken trust. Each situation requires tailor-fit approaches to restore that spark.

The Role Of Self-Reflection

We first need to start with ourselves. The separation may have ended well or poorly. Either way, we must acknowledge that we can look at it in a new light now. Reflect on why you lost the relationship. Was it due to natural fading, tiny misunderstandings, or broken trust?

“Talk to each other honestly about your feelings about the state of your relationship,” Margarita Tartakovsky, MS., suggests.

Pinpoint your role in the separation or breakup. Was there anything you did that contributed to your splitting up? Doing this will help you identify what traits of yourself you want to improve. It also shows you the mistakes you should learn from in the future.


Saying Sorry With Feelings

As a kid, we have been taught god manners when interacting with others. We learn from our parents how to say “please” and “thank you.” Now, why is it so hard to say “I am sorry”?

After reflection, forgiving or asking for forgiveness is practically the hardest part, but it can go a long way. This step involves setting your pride aside and handling the case with a mature outlook. A sincere apology not only helps you but can also help the other party involved.

“Forgiveness is not a mental exercise,” says Drew W. Edwards, Ed.D., MS. “Rather it is a determined change of heart by those who have been hurt.”

The best thing about forgiveness is the peace that it brings. Surrendering your pride and taking the high road is a fulfilling and uplifting feeling.

Restoring The Spark

In this digital world, communication comes easy to users. Nudge them with a gentle text, email, or message. If you are braver, give them a call. Invite them to a simple lunch or get together. You can mend broken ties by communicating your intentions. Transparently and sincerely say you want to fix the relationship. Now that you have done your part, it is up to them to take you up on that offer.


You can talk about small things at first. Clearing the air between you two with a light chat followed by a brief explanation and apology gets the ball rolling. Once you’ve cleared the air, you can discuss what will happen next.

Some people are harder to coax. Naturally, it takes time to move on from feeling betrayed. Give people time to heal and process the situation as well. However, when they do open their doors, even hesitantly, take that opportunity to prove your sincerity.

“Nurture your fondness and admiration,” says John Gottman, Ph.D.

Practice communication regularly. Catch up on life events you might have missed like promotions, travels, and family events. Regular dates like weekly dinners or monthly drinks can also help re-establish that connection.

It is hard to lose people you genuinely care for, and it is harder to get them back. Value your relationships with them. Relationships and friendships fade away, but the strongest of those will always be mended with a little time, a load of forgiveness, and sincere communication.

Healthcare Quality – The Importance Of Its Dimension



Health care providers, along with its various institutions, aim for continuous improvement of the care they provide. The need for proper assistance and controlled methods are essential in the healthcare process system. The highlight of health care quality comes from its fundamental dimensions. These dimensions underscore the idea that quality assistance can be defined, measured, and improved. Here we have the six dimensions of healthcare quality that contains a distinctive characteristic. The healthcare system utilizes these aspects for better functioning services.

The Six Dimensions

Safety – When people think about quality improvement, safety always comes first in their mind. That’s because safety is a fundamental aspect of providing health care. It ensures that every treatment given in a healthcare setting doesn’t harm patients at any cost. There shouldn’t be a consideration when it comes to providing the wrong dosage of medication, conducting surgery on the wrong person, illegally operating without consent, and a lot more. While it’s easy to spot on a particular medical mistake, not addressing the cause of the patient’s safety issue can make things worse.

“Raising public awareness about safety is important, but current approaches have done little to help people protect themselves or their loved ones. Since the birth of the patient safety movement that began in 2000, there has has not been a discernable downshift in the magnitude of unnecessary patient harm,” writes Gretchen L. Watson, Ph.D.


Effectiveness – The importance of health care gets based on how well it is carried out and not by how it gets designed. Effectiveness focuses more on the potential gap between how things should be done and how things are intended to happen. Since researchers conduct a clinical trial, they can incorporate options in treating diseases in various ways and not only sticking to what they already know. If effectiveness creates a contribution to the medical field, it can help in the implementation and development of advanced guidelines.

“Organizations need to be mindful of using improvement science to test the full range of approaches used. Improvement science applies innovation, rapid-cycle field testing, and dissemination to generate learning about changes that produce or fail to deliver improvements,” writes Frank J. Ninivaggi M.D., F.A.P.A.

Efficiency – The comparison between expensive and inexpensive areas of treatment is the focus of efficiency. It tries to discover a better outcome between simple to complex procedures and how it mainly affects the patients at all levels. Since efficiency is about getting all the best outcomes of healthcare assistance, it tries to get the fewest amounts of input. However, when efficiency is given too much attention, it causes complication and further affects safety. Therefore, consistency and awareness should be considered.

Equity – “Overall, despite a level of spending that dwarfs the other countries in the study, the U.S. comes in dead last in three of the five, and arguably the most important three, of the five domains: health outcomes, equity, and access,” writes Benjamin Radcliff Ph.D. We know that everyone should be treated with equality when it comes to health care assistance. Unfortunately, some people thoroughly receive better health care assistance compared to others. Since equity is all about fairness, its dimensional improvement might create changes in both treatments and outcomes among patients. The rates of outcomes and treatments should not focus on gender, race, and status of a person. When that happens, there will be a quick healthcare response in all emergency departments across the healthcare system.

Timeliness – System responsiveness and healthcare access contributes to timeliness. It gets evaluated through the healthcare provider’s subjective and objective appraisal. Timeliness focuses on the patient’s access to the assistance he needs at a particular time. It helps to determine as to whether there are social and financial barriers that might get in the way of accessing care. On the other hand, the medical system should give treatments to the patients fast enough to avoid unnecessary delay in times of urgencies. If and if, there’s no timeliness in the system, there will be delays in giving and receiving treatment that will result in an adverse patient outcome.

Patient-Centeredness – The primary goal of providing healthcare is for the sake of the patient’s well-being. Therefore, health care providers are responsible for providing options for treatment that will allow the patient to understand and explore the possible outcomes. Patients must be given a chance to choose the best treatment plan that best work for them, if not, works well with their financial and social intervention.


All healthcare goals are aligned with the values of providing quality services. Thus, in modern healthcare, these dimensions ensure our nation’s healthy development due to its consistency and efficiency.



What A Therapist Sees Wrong About The Idea Of Self-Care

We know that self-care is the most critical thing we all need to do to be able to secure our emotional, physical, and mental health. Since it is an obvious thing, a lot of us already know and probably tried out stuff that is comfortable and convenient for us. We pamper ourselves to guarantee we are okay. We also make sure that everything we have inside and out represents a better version of who we are. However, there is a misconception about self-care that a therapist wants to point out.


The great thing that is happening is the fact that a lot of people feel the need for self-care. Indeed, it is the most beautiful thing anyone would offer to himself. There are tons of pressure, stress, and anxiety that lurk all around us, and the only way to get rid of those is to know how we can handle it accurately. But the thing is, the term “self-care” gets overused. With all how society presents it, and how social media tries to show it, it is different. There is this idea where people put it in a particular thing that takes so much effort, time, energy, and money. These include some trending hash tags-related stuff such as going to an expensive salon, involving a lot of sheet mask, spending dinner on fancy restaurants, taking a lot of vacations, drinking and partying all night, buying tons of fancy clothes, and so on. But it is not that these things do not qualify for self-care. Honestly, at some point, these are better self-improving ways too. It is just that self-care doesn’t limit its scope to what we obtain on a particular activity.

Self-Care Can Be Free

Self-care should be free, and it should be something that all of us can access whenever we want. Because if the idea of self-care gets limited only those who are fortunate enough to have it, then it is not self-care anymore. It should be attainable because it is for all. The truth is, it is bothering because self-care is now a thing of perfection. That everything in it should involve buying and spending more. Yes, not all people find it as an issue because it still depends on how every individual takes care of themselves. However, the majority of people view self-care as something that a person should consider doing for himself with an extra amount of effort, money, time, and energy.


It is true that the things we do differ from everyone else, and the way it affects us also vary. But when we try and imagine a different method of self-care, we might end up getting better results compared to what we get from the usual. One way to do that is by picturing self-care as a contributor in the future. Well, it is almost like a preventative self-care where we try and do things maybe before we even have to. It creates a fantastic idea because it makes us feel better about ourselves. We begin to value and love the things we can do. We begin to appreciate ourselves for trying our best without locking expectations.

Self-care helps us realize that emptiness is a choice. That for us to be able to get through our emotional and mental problems, we have to make space for the things we keep putting off. It is like doing things that will benefit us in the future — like for example, learning how to cook, learning how to drive, learning a new language, learning new things, and so on. As you can see, self-care is all about learning and doing things today that our selves will never have to deal with anymore in the future. Because honestly, the future us perhaps already have a whole new list they have to do. And we do not want those little things we put off become part of those lists.



Perhaps we all have different opinions on how to execute self-care. But for some reasons, it gets more convenient to look at it as something that each and everyone one of us can have immediate control. That it should not create a blocking limitation as to where and when should get it for the benefit or our future emotional and mental state. Well, the idea of self-care to focus on taking care of things today so it won’t become a problem in the future is simple. It requires less effort. It demands nothing, and it burdens no one.

Weight Loss 101: Why Read The Fat Burning Kitchen Ebook


No matter how much psychologists talk about the importance of feeling good in your skin, there still comes the point in every person’s life in which all you can think of is, “How can I lose weight?” This idea is specifically common for individuals who no longer fit in their clothes. Similarly, there may be clothing styles that you want to try yet do not have the confidence to do so due to the flabby arms or love handles.

In case you have come to this blog with the hope to see slimming teas or pills reviews, then you are practically knocking at the wrong door. Such products may help you drop your weight faster than any training program at the gym, but their effects do not last. Worse, most slimming items do not have a seal of approval from, so some of them may have side effects, and it will be your fault if it gives you more health issues than ever.

What we aim to do today, however, is to introduce you to Fat Burning Kitchen, an ebook that is supposed to transform your body from a non-melting pot of fats into a fat-burning machine. This nutritional guide can be advantageous for people who generally love to know how to get rid of their pesky flab for good. If you have always felt the need to count your calorie intake, or you keep on trying out different diets to see which one will improve your metabolic rate and digestive hormones, you can forget all of these now after reading the Fat Burning Kitchen.


General Description

Mike Geary, a certified fitness trainer, wrote this 123-page program with Catherine Ebeling, a nutritionist, and expert in the field. Every food category seems to be given much thought by the writers, considering there are 23 chapters in the ebook that are dedicated separately to berries, energy bars, dairy products, soy products, commercial and organic meat, herbal teas, and avocados, among others.


  • Fat Burning Kitchen can help you eat smarter. It lets you perceive foods in a different light so that sticking to healthier options will not be a big dilemma for you.
  • It is your primary guide in remodeling your diet. It contains a mine of scientific knowledge practically about how every food that you consume affects your system.
  • Although it has been mentioned that the ebook explains some science facts revolving around foods, it is written in a way that a broader range of age groups can understand. It has less technicality and more functionality.
  • It can also make you enjoy the right meals without needing a calculator to compute the number of calories you are about to eat up. Some restaurants provide these numbers, but they do not mean a thing if the ingredients of that food cannot you a slimmer body for long-term.
  • The ebook gives you suggestions as well regarding which foods can speed up your digestion process so that you can burn those fats that may be weighing you down literally and figuratively speaking.


  • Fat Burning Kitchen is not meant to be just another trendy diet that is all the rage right now among people of all ages.
  • It does not encourage you to consume artificial pills, sweeteners, or fats, as they can put your health in danger in the future.
  • It will not make you stay with your current diet. There undoubtedly are a few things incorporated in what you eat right now that can bring more damage than reparation to your body, and you can know all about it through this guide.
  • It does not promise immediate results. Instead, it promises a long-lasting effect.

Does Fat Burning Kitchen Work?

It is a smothering question, which can be quite tricky to answer if you do not have a background about the product. Aside from that, it all depends on how religiously you follow the tips and tricks in the ebook. However, based on our analysis of its pros and cons, as well as another Fat Burning Kitchen review(s), the nutritional guide does present more benefits to the consumers.


Final Thoughts

Fat Burning Kitchen is a practical ebook to have if you want to obtain straightforward ideas regarding your current diet, what you may be doing wrong with it, and how you can improve it. After all, it is possible that you are already following a dietary plan, but you are still here because you want to look for another – a better – technique to meet your weight-loss goals.

Check out the Fat Burning Kitchen today!

Start Implementing A Healthy Lifestyle Now

With all the stress and anxiety with our everyday life struggles, we often forget the most important thing – our health. We get so caught up with all the pressure of providing for our family and ourselves, which we don’t realize the damage we cause to our overall development. We disregard the safety of our physical, emotional, and mental state because we focused too much on living our lives the way we wanted. But that mentality needs to change, and it should be right now. There’s a need for us to implement a healthy lifestyle so we can secure wellness.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean eating healthy foods, doing exercise regularly, getting dehydrated, sleeping 8-hours a day, and so on. It is more to it than that. So without further ado, let’s try to find out the ways how we can start implementing a healthy lifestyle now.


Always Check In Mentally

Our mindfulness and mental state serve as an essential component of starting a healthy lifestyle. There’s no chance anyone can start changing ways if they are not mentally in it. There is got to be an analyzation of where we are right now and accept it. We need to avoid thinking about the past as well as worry about the future. The sole focus should have to be in the current state where we have to accept and live by all the experience we are having. We don’t dwell into a negative mindset because that will not help us in creating a significant healthy lifestyle. “Forget about that mounting to-do list, the fight you had with your best pal, or your Facebook update or Twitter account,” says Brandi-Ann Uyemura, MA. “Take time out to get back to the present moment.”

Give Up And Replace Bad Habits

It’s understandable that we are somehow in-deep with our habits that we see it as a part of us. That even if it doesn’t make us feel better, we do it anyway because that’s who we are. But we know it doesn’t have to be that way. Implementing a healthy lifestyle means making way to the new positive habits. We need to write down all the things we want to let go of to create a space for those new habits that will help us gain emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental stability. Yes, the process is indeed complicated at first. But eventually, through dedication and motivation, all sacrifices will result in great achievements. “Once you have gotten your plan in balance, the goal is to keep it that way,” says Maud Purcell, LCSW.


Don’t Always Focus On Isolation

Our society focuses too much on solitary. That explains why we find it more comforting to limit our daily activities. That’s because we rely too much on technological advancement. And since there are tons of things that machines can do for us nowadays, we become a product of isolation and procrastination. We don’t realize that the particular action not only causes us physical damage but also emotional and mental as well. It creates glitches in our brain functions because we somehow lose our connection to the outside of the world. With that, it increases our anxiety and depression.

Learn Something New Every Day

There tons of ways to achieve knowledge nowadays. We can watch discovery channels, scan YouTube videos, read books, listen to a podcast, and more. We can also try learning new skills like cooking, gardening, painting and so on. Even having an intellectual conversation with friends can also allow us to gain some information. We can find fun ways to learn and appreciate things around us. Getting a healthy lifestyle means we need to discover more of ourselves. From what we can do, from how much we are willing to take the risk, and how confident we are of achieving something. Learning something new every day does not only sparks up our creativity but also keeps our motivation going. “… things can be easily learned, as long as you open your mind up to the possibilities. Including the need for real change in your life,” says Jane Framingham, Ph.D.


If we start to recognize the value of our overall state and focus on improving it, the small changes in our daily routine can make a difference. It may be small steps at first, but it will soon grow to a more meaningful overall healthy lifestyle development. We need to understand that for us to become the best versions of ourselves, we need to start concentrating on the dimensions of wellness. These are the emotional, spiritual, occupational, physical, financial, social, environmental, and intellectual aspects of our lives. We need to secure wellness in each of these categories and insist on giving it a positive space.

How To Encourage Healthy Living For Your Employees


If you are an employer or a family member who wants to help encourage your employees/relative to have a healthy lifestyle, this advice article is one of the ideals to read on. The case is, the term “healthy” is considered abstract, and it involves different aspects. You may not know in what aspect your employee should be healthy in, and this article will provide you the answers.

Continue reading How To Encourage Healthy Living For Your Employees

2015 Seattle Wellness Forum: Prioritize Your Health


Now that the year is about to end, I cannot help but remember the tips I learned from the 2015 Seattle wellness forum. It was one of the unforgettable events that I attended in the past. Several people had an opportunity to discuss health, fitness, and wellness. Up to this day, I still could not forget the things I learned from the keynote speakers.

For today’s article, allow me to share the top strategies that you can use if you want to lose weight for the upcoming year. Make sure to prioritize your health at all times. Remember that a deteriorating physical and mental health can bring a lot of troubles and problems in your life. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Have a balanced diet. Keep in mind that it is imperative on your part to be mindful of your food intake. Start making healthy food choices so that you will not encounter a health problem in the future. Avoid junk foods and items that have preservatives.
  1. Exercise on a regular basis. Make it a habit of engaging in physical activities so that you can meet your fitness goals. In so doing, you will not only help yourself avoid illness but also improve your mood. When you exercise, your body will release happy hormones.
  1. Get enough sleep every night. Do not exhaust yourself because it can take a toll on your health. The best thing to do is to follow a strict bedtime schedule. Go to sleep at the same time every night so that you will not have difficulty in getting enough rest.

The New Year is about to come. Make sure that you are ready for 2019 by prioritizing your health. Expect to enjoy tons of benefits the moment you start to do it.


10 Ways To Improve Eyesight


We take time in taking care of our hair and skin. Most women even go to the salon regularly to maintain their stunning looks, but how many of us even bother to take care of our eyes? Have you imagined living without being able to see the face of your daughter? Maybe it’s about time to take good care of your eyes. Continue reading 10 Ways To Improve Eyesight