Health Barriers

Drug Abuse And Addiction

  Drug use problems can be experienced by anyone, and no one is exempted from it unless the person has total control. While there are people who can use it without the adverse effect of using drugs, there are also people who experience an adverse impact on their physical and mental health.

Warning Signs Of Drug Abuse And Addiction

“Addiction is an illness that has a strong behavioral component,” explains David Sack, MD, board certified in Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry. “Those who are susceptible to addiction experience drugs and alcohol in a very different way than average people.” Here are some signs on people using the “common” drugs:

Alcohol Use Disorder

  How much alcohol is too much? People are so used to the “happy hour” or “thank God it’s Friday” scene that they binge on alcohol thinking there is nothing wrong with it. Yes, alcohol for those who are of legal age is an allowed beverage. It can temporarily make you escape reality with its […]

Common Comorbidities With Substance Use Disorders

The Relationship Between Mental Illness And Substance Use Disorders

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