Do Not Be Pulled Down By The Pandemic


If you always think that something is wrong with your life, then it will be like that. The mind is a very powerful thing. What you think will happen. For example, you always think that your life is a mess, then it will be a mess. But how come some people receive blessings left and right? It is not just about hard work. It is also about positive thinking – and this is what we need now even though people are dying, left, and right. This pandemic has brought all of us down, but it should not make us feel powerless.

Let us make an example of these two women, Amanda and Sandy. This is how their quarantine and lockdown life happened.

Amanda is always whining about her life. She says that she does not get what she wants and that the universe is conspiring against her. When she sees other people achieve their mini-goals, she would feel so down and say that she could never have a big break. Amanda is always self-pitying, and she has very low self-esteem. She even questions how people get money when there is no work during the lockdown, and why she is not like them. Poor Amanda – she cannot see that her negativity is the one pulling her down, and not the pandemic.


Now, here is Sandy. Sandy is a woman who empowers herself. If she sees that there is a problem, she does not stress out. Instead, Sandy will find a solution. In her mind, every issue or every problem, there is an answer. Sandy finds that answer, and it is the reason why she emerges victorious. Sandy is also a go-getter. Instead of complaining and whining, Sandy will create her goal, find ways to reach that goal, and bask on her success. It does not mean that Sandy hits her target all the time. She too experiences setbacks, but for her, it is not a failure. It is just a stepping stone towards her success. That is Sandy – a positive person who learns and grows, even during this pandemic.

Do we want to become an Amanda or a Sandy? I would personally want to become a Sandy because, in these trying times, it is every man for himself. We cannot expect others to always assist us and help us. We cannot also wallow on our sorrows or else, our minds will hasten the deterioration of our being – just like Amanda. It is the pandemic these days, ladies and gentlemen. We have to accept the new normal. We need to adapt to the changing tides. We must leave the old world behind and start anew. WE MUST START AGAIN.

Now, if we are to start again, look at it as an opportunity to grow. Yes, we were cut from our jobs, or our businesses have gone bankrupt. Yes, we have bills to pay with no money coming in. Yes, we might lose every material thing we own because this pandemic has taken everything from us. But did it?


We are still alive. We are still breathing. And unlike those people who died from COVID-19, you did not die. I did not die. You and me, we are still alive. That means we have a fighting chance of moving forward.

For the problem in finances, face it head-on. Sit down, jot down the numbers, and make a decision. That’s how life is – we have to soldier on. If we don’t do that, we will be an Amanda. And that is not a good place to be.

It is very hard and tough, to be honest. But it is within you to fight for the right to survive. We are in survival mode right now, and material things are useless. Sharpen your mind. Harness your mental health (if you need help with that, contact a counselor, therapist, or coach), and just move forward. The pandemic will perish soon, and you should not go down with it.

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