Coronavirus Anxiety – How To Cope And Manage Your Fears

People with AD or anxiety disorder are finding it hard to live daily pre-Coronavirus. Today, it is much more stressful for them because their anxiety can go to the next level. Those without the disorder are already anxious if they have it or not. What more for those who are prone to having fears?


Knowing More About Your Anxiety

This time is genuinely terrifying. We are in a pandemic, meaning all countries in this world are closing down. Businesses and offices are bare, while people are left without jobs, while some lucky few work from home.

While the global economy suffers, the health of everyone is also in peril. Some countries and cities have been gravely affected by COVID-19. It’s the waiting that is so horrifying, always bracing of what’s to come. People are watching the news as it gets so depressing each, and we all know that there is more of it. “What’s next?”

It is very difficult to handle what is uncertain, and this virus is the perfect example of it. We are not sure how it started because facts are twisted and misrepresented. While we know how it can affect us, we are still puzzled – why do others get it and die from it, while others survive, and some do not have the symptoms at all, and yet they are positive. What is up with this disease? How are we going to survive this? Will we get over this?


Of course, we can and we will. We just have to manage our anxiety and fears accordingly. This is an overwhelming time, and we may panic more than everyone else, but during a crisis, it is not helpful to be like that. However hard it is, we must not spiral out of control, or let our minds work their anxious wonder to imagine such a catastrophe. Remember, everything in this world has a solution or an answer. If it gets too overwhelming, you can go for online support like Betterhelp. You can read more on how this site can help people with anxiety right here and on this unbiased review.

Do Not Obsessively Watch The News

It is important to stay on top of the situation, which is why you have to watch the news on what is happening within your community. You will be given vital information about safety precautions and how you can help in stopping the spread of the virus. Do not watch news 24/7 or listen to everything since some are fake or sensationalized. You have to stick to those credible sources and discern – which sounds about right and logical before your anxiety flares up.

CDC, WHO, And Local Health Organization – Credible Sources

Read news from these sources who know what is going on with the pandemic. You can check updates from these sites once a day, and that’s it. Unfollow those who spread non-useful news about Coronavirus. It will just hamper your coping with stress and anxiety. Also, be wary of what news you share online. It has to be legit like from the sources mentioned above.

Keep Your Mind Steady And Focus On What You Can Control

Why choose to grasp on things that you cannot control? It will just make you more anxious and frustrate you. And so, to free yourself from stress and overwhelming feelings, concentrate on what you can control, what you can do, and how you can make a difference.

Shift your focus when you are starting to feel anxious. Do some meditation. Write something. Cook or clean the house, or talk to your loved one. You can also practice the safety precautions right at your own home if you are feeling scared.

  • 20-second hand-washing rule
  • Use of alcohol or hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol content
  • No touching your face
  • Stay at home
  • Do not meet with people or large crowds.
  • If possible, only one person goes out of your home to buy necessities and must do it quickly.
  • Social distancing
  • Boost your immune system with healthy food, sleep, and exercise
  • Listen to health authorities.

If the anxiety cannot be controlled anymore, then, talk to a mental health specialist online. Try to beat it, if you can, but if you cannot, there is always someone out there who can help you immediately. This, too, shall pass. Remember that.

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