Health And Wellness Party!


The 2018 Wellness Event in Fort Worth Can Academy was one big hell of a good party! It was so fun! You would not believe how incredible that day was for my best friend and me. We were just hanging around the area, and we saw that people were partying but in a different way.

Of course, the lurkers that we were, we got curious and went in. I was so glad that we did it. People were decorating pumpkins at the right corner, and Tina knows how much I love Halloween events. That was the first booth I went to when we got there. There was also a Hula Hoop contest on one side. Everyone was laughing and playing. It relieved people of their daily stress, like for real.


I looked around some more and found that there was a table set up for health screenings. I immediately fell in line, and medical specialists checked my blood pressure. It was fine. They also took a blood sample to check my glucose levels. Oh, good lord! I was still in normal but very high. They said that it was almost pre-diabetes, and that is something that I should not want to have. Of course, as medical people, they gave me a generic diet plan sheet. It was an eye-opener, and I know that I had to cut down on my carbs and my sugar. That is a fact. The next check was my cholesterol. Both LDL and HDL were normal.

What was the highlight of the healthy fun day? I would say the Bounce House and Fire Truck Tours. There were firemen all over the place! Hello!!! My name is Katrina, and I am single! I said that, and I guess three or four fire-HOT-men were looking my way. I am a catch, you know. And well, Dino approached me. He is a volunteer firefighter and a paralegal as well—Charming, Latino and well, hot. We exchanged numbers and went out after a week.


My best friend found me in the fire truck tour area and said that people were doing Zumba. We rushed to them and joined in the fun. Food? It was everywhere, and it was free. That day was a collection of people from all walks of life and just doing what makes them feel good. I did not spend one cent and had the best three hours. It was that great.

Nothing is going on with Dino and me right now. We became friends, like excellent friends. Both of us would go hiking, biking, and running. He is very active! And we would talk about the event, and how activities like that must be continually held here in Texas.

Life is sometimes hard, and knowing that there are people or events that you can go to for support and stress-relief, it can lift you. Speaking of support, I also found out about this really helpful website called BetterHelp. I read a review on this site and also followed its Instagram. There are experts within the website who are willing to provide support anytime.

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