What A Therapist Sees Wrong About The Idea Of Self-Care

We know that self-care is the most critical thing we all need to do to be able to secure our emotional, physical, and mental health. Since it is an obvious thing, a lot of us already know and probably tried out stuff that is comfortable and convenient for us. We pamper ourselves to guarantee we are okay. We also make sure that everything we have inside and out represents a better version of who we are. However, there is a misconception about self-care that a therapist wants to point out.

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The great thing that is happening is the fact that a lot of people feel the need for self-care. Indeed, it is the most beautiful thing anyone would offer to himself. There are tons of pressure, stress, and anxiety that lurk all around us, and the only way to get rid of those is to know how we can handle it accurately. But the thing is, the term “self-care” gets overused. With all how society presents it, and how social media tries to show it, it is different. There is this idea where people put it in a particular thing that takes so much effort, time, energy, and money. These include some trending hash tags-related stuff such as going to an expensive salon, involving a lot of sheet mask, spending dinner on fancy restaurants, taking a lot of vacations, drinking and partying all night, buying tons of fancy clothes, and so on. But it is not that these things do not qualify for self-care. Honestly, at some point, these are better self-improving ways too. It is just that self-care doesn’t limit its scope to what we obtain on a particular activity.

Self-Care Can Be Free

Self-care should be free, and it should be something that all of us can access whenever we want. Because if the idea of self-care gets limited only those who are fortunate enough to have it, then it is not self-care anymore. It should be attainable because it is for all. The truth is, it is bothering because self-care is now a thing of perfection. That everything in it should involve buying and spending more. Yes, not all people find it as an issue because it still depends on how every individual takes care of themselves. However, the majority of people view self-care as something that a person should consider doing for himself with an extra amount of effort, money, time, and energy.

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It is true that the things we do differ from everyone else, and the way it affects us also vary. But when we try and imagine a different method of self-care, we might end up getting better results compared to what we get from the usual. One way to do that is by picturing self-care as a contributor in the future. Well, it is almost like a preventative self-care where we try and do things maybe before we even have to. It creates a fantastic idea because it makes us feel better about ourselves. We begin to value and love the things we can do. We begin to appreciate ourselves for trying our best without locking expectations.

Self-care helps us realize that emptiness is a choice. That for us to be able to get through our emotional and mental problems, we have to make space for the things we keep putting off. It is like doing things that will benefit us in the future — like for example, learning how to cook, learning how to drive, learning a new language, learning new things, and so on. As you can see, self-care is all about learning and doing things today that our selves will never have to deal with anymore in the future. Because honestly, the future us perhaps already have a whole new list they have to do. And we do not want those little things we put off become part of those lists.

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Perhaps we all have different opinions on how to execute self-care. But for some reasons, it gets more convenient to look at it as something that each and everyone one of us can have immediate control. That it should not create a blocking limitation as to where and when should get it for the benefit or our future emotional and mental state. Well, the idea of self-care to focus on taking care of things today so it won’t become a problem in the future is simple. It requires less effort. It demands nothing, and it burdens no one.

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