Start Implementing A Healthy Lifestyle Now

With all the stress and anxiety with our everyday life struggles, we often forget the most important thing – our health. We get so caught up with all the pressure of providing for our family and ourselves, which we don’t realize the damage we cause to our overall development. We disregard the safety of our physical, emotional, and mental state because we focused too much on living our lives the way we wanted. But that mentality needs to change, and it should be right now. There’s a need for us to implement a healthy lifestyle so we can secure wellness.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean eating healthy foods, doing exercise regularly, getting dehydrated, sleeping 8-hours a day, and so on. It is more to it than that. So without further ado, let’s try to find out the ways how we can start implementing a healthy lifestyle now.


Always Check In Mentally

Our mindfulness and mental state serve as an essential component of starting a healthy lifestyle. There’s no chance anyone can start changing ways if they are not mentally in it. There is got to be an analyzation of where we are right now and accept it. We need to avoid thinking about the past as well as worry about the future. The sole focus should have to be in the current state where we have to accept and live by all the experience we are having. We don’t dwell into a negative mindset because that will not help us in creating a significant healthy lifestyle. “Forget about that mounting to-do list, the fight you had with your best pal, or your Facebook update or Twitter account,” says Brandi-Ann Uyemura, MA. “Take time out to get back to the present moment.”

Give Up And Replace Bad Habits

It’s understandable that we are somehow in-deep with our habits that we see it as a part of us. That even if it doesn’t make us feel better, we do it anyway because that’s who we are. But we know it doesn’t have to be that way. Implementing a healthy lifestyle means making way to the new positive habits. We need to write down all the things we want to let go of to create a space for those new habits that will help us gain emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental stability. Yes, the process is indeed complicated at first. But eventually, through dedication and motivation, all sacrifices will result in great achievements. “Once you have gotten your plan in balance, the goal is to keep it that way,” says Maud Purcell, LCSW.


Don’t Always Focus On Isolation

Our society focuses too much on solitary. That explains why we find it more comforting to limit our daily activities. That’s because we rely too much on technological advancement. And since there are tons of things that machines can do for us nowadays, we become a product of isolation and procrastination. We don’t realize that the particular action not only causes us physical damage but also emotional and mental as well. It creates glitches in our brain functions because we somehow lose our connection to the outside of the world. With that, it increases our anxiety and depression.

Learn Something New Every Day

There tons of ways to achieve knowledge nowadays. We can watch discovery channels, scan YouTube videos, read books, listen to a podcast, and more. We can also try learning new skills like cooking, gardening, painting and so on. Even having an intellectual conversation with friends can also allow us to gain some information. We can find fun ways to learn and appreciate things around us. Getting a healthy lifestyle means we need to discover more of ourselves. From what we can do, from how much we are willing to take the risk, and how confident we are of achieving something. Learning something new every day does not only sparks up our creativity but also keeps our motivation going. “… things can be easily learned, as long as you open your mind up to the possibilities. Including the need for real change in your life,” says Jane Framingham, Ph.D.


If we start to recognize the value of our overall state and focus on improving it, the small changes in our daily routine can make a difference. It may be small steps at first, but it will soon grow to a more meaningful overall healthy lifestyle development. We need to understand that for us to become the best versions of ourselves, we need to start concentrating on the dimensions of wellness. These are the emotional, spiritual, occupational, physical, financial, social, environmental, and intellectual aspects of our lives. We need to secure wellness in each of these categories and insist on giving it a positive space.

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