How To Encourage Healthy Living For Your Employees


If you are an employer or a family member who wants to help encourage your employees/relative to have a healthy lifestyle, this advice article is one of the ideals to read on. The case is, the term “healthy” is considered abstract, and it involves different aspects. You may not know in what aspect your employee should be healthy in, and this article will provide you the answers.

Why Is Employee Health Important?

There is a general knowledge that links healthy people into being a happier person. It is also connected to having a longer life. Aside from these, as an employer, you may also gain other benefits if your employees are healthy.

“Career demands and the way in which Americans are wired influence an increasing number of people to experience job burnout — physical, cognitive, and emotional exhaustion,” says Rick Nauert, Ph.D.

Some studies prove that healthy employees can perform better and are more productive. Moreover, “Health professionals should be aware that working long hours is associated with a significantly increased risk of stroke, and perhaps also coronary heart disease,” says Mika Kivimäki, Ph.D.

This means you can save money by reducing the effects of absenteeism, injuries, and illnesses to their work performance. Also, employee turnover is reduced when you have employee well-being programs being implemented in your company.


How Can I Help My Employees Be Healthier?

There are different programs you can start implementing in your company. It may be a simple lunchtime yoga classes or stretch breaks. You can also encourage your employees to live a healthier lifestyle by promoting exercise and introducing countless ways that can help improve their overall health improvements.


Most often, high-calorie foods such as donuts, cakes, and candy are present in office as snacks, desserts or meeting meals. It is hard to evade such sweets, but you can provide a healthier alternative. You can offer more nutritious snacks, provide filtered water dispensers or encourage a healthier food take-outs and catering options.


“Exercise is truly one of those little tricks in life that can really reduce stress of any lifestyle,” says Jim Laird, Ph.D. Some offices have an on-site gym, but it is most often expensive. You can try putting up small gym equipment like a bike, dumbbells or treadmill in their locker area. You can also provide bicycles for people who love biking as an alternative for their daily commute. In addition to these fitness programs, you can also have a reward incentive for those who participate for them to be motivated. There are also health insurance companies that provide different fitness programs that won’t cost you anything and can provide assistance in implementation.

General Health

You should encourage your employees to stay healthy to prevent illness. You can assist in treatment when they get sick, and there are also insurance companies that have on-site flu shots for everyone under the insurance plan. They also do check-ups for the employee’s general health to see if they have serious health concerns.

You can use environment-friendly materials and supplies to provide a healthier work environment. You can also post proper hygiene posters near the basin or in the comfort rooms. There are also employees that want stand-up desks so you can also provide such.

Also, you can institute a work-from-home policy. This will significantly make your employees healthy, and they can avoid unnecessary expenses from going to and from work. They can also prevent highway congestions. This can also prevent employees who are sick to go to work and infect other employees.

Mind And Body Balance

The health of the employee does not only involve the physical body, but mental health is also essential. There has been a negative stigma about emotional and mental health, and it is imperative for employers to start and provide support regarding this. You can implement employee assistance programs such as counseling and educating your employees to fight off stress.


Money is the major contributor to the stress levels of employees. As an employer, you can help by inviting a financial advisor that can give your employees an opportunity and knowledge about their finances. You can also help by providing courses for your employees or their spouses about budgeting, investing and saving, and giving cash rewards if they complete it.


It is common for the company to give special interests to their employees. It can be the government mandated benefits or originates from the company. But most employees do not know about these and how it works. You can provide seminars for them to understand their benefits fully. This can help them prevent compounded stress because of lack of knowledge in claims, reimbursements and such.


There are office cultures that provide more stress to employees. Sure, you don’t want to be one of the lists of this. You can establish a culture in your workplace by supporting different good values. It can be valued like transparency, openness, and honesty or other good qualities you can think of. This will make your employees feel safer, and they will be able to express or raise their concerns. In the long run, it can further help in your company’s development.


Get With The Program

In general, health and wellness are becoming part of the expectancy of an employee in modern organizations. These are becoming mandated, and you should also establish a multi-featured program. This will not only improve the health of your people, but this will also enhance the image of your company.

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