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Like cigarettes, regular marijuana use can cause throat and lung cancer.It’s also important to know it affects your memory. Rolling a joint after studying for tomorrow’s history exam is not the best idea. People with emphysema or asthma should also avoid it, since it makes it more likely they’ll have an attack.

The problem is that marijuana from Québec is stronger and harder than in other places. The way it’s grown here gives it a very high level of THC (the main active ingredient in cannabis). Not only does it cause memory loss, but it also causes speech problems, a lack of coordination, and sometimes even hallucinations or psychosis if you smoke it regularly.

Like any drug, marijuana shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol. Always remember that any drug mixing can cause serious complications, since the effects add up before you even realize it!


Scientific review: 
Maryse Rioux, Pharmacist
Lecturer, Certificate in Drug Addiction, Faculty of Medicine, Université de Sherbrooke