Frequently Asked Questions About Aspects Of Dance Therapy And Their Benefits

When you hear your favorite jam on the radio, do you also do a little dance? It doesn’t matter where you are, may it be a public or private space. When you hear a catchy beat, you’d surely find yourself moving along with it. You may even find your body swaying side to side or […]

Using Herbs For Anxiety: Frequently Asked Questions

  Source: Current studies and trials reveal that around 50% of those who have depression and anxiety choose holistic therapy to help reduce their anxiety symptoms. When asked why they want this, most people say that they are often attracted to collective or combined care for their mental health illness. This view considers the […]

Prioritize Mental Health

Everywhere you look online, there will always be a post on mental health or mental health awareness. Different people with different platforms and voices have come together to create a single voice for the mentally struggling people.

Family First: Healthy Mind And Body

Being in a healthy place in your life is a wonderful feeling. You get to overthink a lot less than you used to, and you finally feel at peace with how your life is going. It is a comfort that not many have but many desire. 

Do Not Be Pulled Down By The Pandemic

If you always think that something is wrong with your life, then it will be like that. The mind is a very powerful thing. What you think will happen. For example, you always think that your life is a mess, then it will be a mess. But how come some people receive blessings left and […]

Coronavirus Anxiety – How To Cope And Manage Your Fears

People with AD or anxiety disorder are finding it hard to live daily pre-Coronavirus. Today, it is much more stressful for them because their anxiety can go to the next level. Those without the disorder are already anxious if they have it or not. What more for those who are prone to having fears?

Health And Wellness Party!

The 2018 Wellness Event in Fort Worth Can Academy was one big hell of a good party! It was so fun! You would not believe how incredible that day was for my best friend and me. We were just hanging around the area, and we saw that people were partying but in a different way.

Things To Know About A Drug Addicted Person And His Substance Use Problem

If you want to know more about why a drug-addicted person acts the way he or she does, then read this article. It may shock you to learn about these things, but it’s the truth. People addicted to substances or drugs will show these signs and facts. You who don’t have this type of mental […]

Drug Abuse And Addiction

  Drug use problems can be experienced by anyone, and no one is exempted from it unless the person has total control. While there are people who can use it without the adverse effect of using drugs, there are also people who experience an adverse impact on their physical and mental health.

Warning Signs Of Drug Abuse And Addiction

“Addiction is an illness that has a strong behavioral component,” explains David Sack, MD, board certified in Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry. “Those who are susceptible to addiction experience drugs and alcohol in a very different way than average people.” Here are some signs on people using the “common” drugs:

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